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Learn with students from all over the world!


Low living costs & school fee!


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Most of colleges and universities in Malaysia offer you twining program or transferring credits program.


Enrolling colleges or universities in Malaysia can be your advantage to enroll college or universities in the UK, the US, Australia and many more countries! Not only foreign students, but Malaysian students are also making use of these systems.


All lectures are done in English, and all collegees and universities are always welcoming international students!


Standard of Education is High, but Cost is Low!


Let's start your amazing campus life here!

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System of College/University in Malaysia



Diploma is a certificate that testifies a student has successfully completed a particular course in college/university. The duration of study is usually 2 years, but can be 2 and half years depending on a course you take.


You can transfer your credits to enroll degree program in the same or different college/university once you have done diploma program.


Even if you couldn't directly take degree course, you can start from diploma and easily step up to degree course after that!



Degree is a certificate that testifies a student has successfully completed a particular course under degree program in collge/unversity. The duration of study is usually for 3 years to 4 years.


You can get certificates from foreign college/university though you study is completed in Malaysia due to twinning system. Or you can transfer to other colleges and continue your study (transferring credits program).



2+2 here means '2 years + 2 years', continueing your study in degree course after you completed a diploma program.


On the other hand, 3+0, '3 years +0 year' means enrolling a degree program directly without transferring any credits from dimploma study, and obtain only dgree certificate.

My Campus Life


My Experience!



Kazu.W (19)

Centre of English Language (attached KDU College Penang)


I am currently studying English in language centre in KDU College, Penang campus. AT first when I started studying here, I struggle with a lot of things just because I could not communicate well in English.


However, all classmates, lecturers and everyone I have met in Malaysia is totally kind and friendly, so I have been having many occasions to try to communicate in English. I believe that is the key to improve my English here.


After I completed my study in this language centre, I would enroll degree in IT course in the same college.


There were so many things that I was unfamiliar with at first, but once I have got used to all of them, Malaysia became like a real second home for me.


My Experience!


Nozomi Hidaka(21)

Bachelor of Arts in International Hotel and Tourism Management


I moved from Japan to Malaysia right after I graduated from high school when I was 18.

After I moved here, I decided to continue my study in KDU College Penang on my own, however, honestly, I got really shocked at the huge difference between a college in Japan and the one in Malaysia. All of both theoretical and practical classes are compulsory subjects, and I often have classes from 9 am to 5 pm. There are tons of assignments every single day, and a semester break comes only once in a half year, and the break lasts less than a month. It is pretty different from what I was expecting for my wonderful college life, and I have had so much frastration and complaints about this campus life all the time. But anyways, this has been the normal college life for me, and I can even enjoy those stressed now.


At least I am truly proud of myself that I chose this a little tougher path, and am doing something that none of my friends in Japan might not be able to experience. I firmly believe that this was definitely the better choice than simply going to college in Japan without knowing what I really wanted to do.


Though I have been through hard times due to the language barrier or cultural difference, friendly and humorous friends around me have never failed to make me laugh hard every single day. Even English, the ex-biggest-enemy of mine is one of the most important things in my life today.



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