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Wanna Study in International School?


There are many students from all over the world in international Schools in Malaysia!

This must be the opportunity for you to learn how to tell your opinion confidently, but with respecting each other.

This is difinitely the chance for you to brithen your unique characteristics!


Think what you wanna do or be in the future, and choose for your bright future now!



Gather information online!


Select a few schools you are most interersted in, and visit the schools!



Submit the required documents for documents screening for admission



Take the entrance exam! If you are successful,

you'll get the offer letter in a week!

Prepare for official admission

Check List


Is the school curretly accepting new students?


Do I have to wait to admit to the school?


Can I admit to the school even though I'm not good at English?


Can I enter the grade that I would like to?


Where do I wanna go after the graduation from junior high school level?


How many grade does the school have?

*Do they offer IB/IGCSE/A-Level?


Prepare all documents in English


Does school assist me to apply student visa?




Once you complete all procedures, congratulations!

You're officially welcomed as a student!


And do never ever forget to apply student visa!

Campus Life  

Interview Foreign Student!


Sato Miyagi (17)


I've been a student in Fairview International School Penang for a year. 


At first, I was so worried because I could not speak English at all, but I was lucky that all students and teachers here are really friendly, and soon I got so many friends!


Everyone teaches me kindly every time when I have something unsure. 


In addition, my host family also welcomed me warmly like a real family. It is really fun to teach our own language each other with my roommates.


I think studying in Malaysia is interesting because we can make friends with people from all over the world, and experience many cultures in one country.


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