Work in Tokyo Japan Opportunity 

IT/Engineer, Programmer


  • For Fresh Graduates ・Degree Holder

  • Final Semester of Degree Students

  • Experienced Programmer ・With only few years experiences

  • Enthusiastic to learn Japanese before working in Japan ・Japanese speaking skill in not required to apply for this position job.

IT Knowledge Requirements 

At least 1-2 from this list:

  • C# Development

  • C++ Development

  • Server Construction

  • Ruby on Rails Framework

  • Agile SDLC

  • Experience in development of AI and block chain

Technology / Development Environment

  • Development Language: Ruby, C#

  • Web Technology: Javascript, HTML

  • Communication Tool: Slack, GitHub, Redmine, Skype

  • Server-side Framework: Ruby on Rails

  • Database: MySQL

  • Infrastructure: AWS, Firebase, CentOS


  • Travel Expenses to Tokyo, Japan 

  • Medical Insurance 

  • 1-2 Months Accommodation in Tokyo (When you arrived at Tokyo for the first time)

  • Daily Transportation Fee for commuting to office 

  • Personal bond in Japan


Job Description

Our job includes planning, development, operation, design change, addition of new functions, and other related work of our own cloud services. Since the service consists iOS / Android / Windows / Web applications, you will be able to experience development in various platform.

We welcomed any candidates who have few years experience in programming (Degree Holder or Higher). Fresh graduates and candidates who are still pursuing final semester are welcomed as well. 

Pre-online assessment will be conducted during job application. Once candidates passed the assessment, candidates shall undergo 1-3 months training in Penang. 


  • Training Period (in Penang, Malaysia)

    • 1st month: RM600 - RM2000

    • 2nd month: RM2000 - RM4000 

  • After Training (in Tokyo, Japan)

    • RM7000++ or higher (depending on your skills) after training.

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