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Sugiyama Global Laboratory Co.LTD. is in charge of education consultation, currently serving hundreds of Japanese clients by handling the education procedure of guiding the clients over to Malaysia. The goal is to act as a bridge between Japan and Malaysia. Vice versa, we guide Malaysian over to Japan for employment purposes in order to broaden the market of both countries. 


Are you looking for a job in overseas? Look no further as we are capable in providing job opportnities for degree holders and those who have higher education. We seek candidates with determination and high tolerance in adapting Japanese working environment. Despite being a Japanese company, Japanese knowledge is not fully required during the application of the job as the company will provide you sufficient training. Come join us as we provide a pathway in fulfiling your dreams of working in Japan!!!



Experience the newest technology and pick up some computing skills which you can only gain in Japan. Join Pharumo as we provide you a full course training which will be guided by Sugiyama Global Laboratory and by the end of the training, you will be well prepared in facing the society. We welcomed all fresh graduates majoring in either Engineering or IT with a Degree certificate or higher education with open arms.



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