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Language Center 



Malaysia is actually one of the best environments in Asia for you to study and master English! In fact, there are a lot of language schools which offers high qulity programs, and most of Malaysians are also able to speak English!



Additionally, you are given a lot of choices of places to learn English, for example, language cantres attached colleges/universities, language schools which owns only native speakers of English as teachers and many more!


Studying English in multi-cultural environment will definitely let you experience that 'English is a communication tool, but not something you need to sit down and study on your desk'!

Choices Of Language Centres




In Malaysia, many people have experiences of studying abroad, therefore, the English teachers in Malaysia tend to be able to speak ENglish very fluently.

Some says the accent of Malaysian English is not good for those who wanna learn professional English, but we would say that it wouldn't be a big matter.


You can even study Chinese, Malay and other languages in some language schools! This is a great opportunity for you to learn languages at low cost.



If you wanna learn English from native speakers of English language, you can go for language schools which hire only native speakers from the US, Canada, Australia and others as their teachers!


Students are also from all around the world, such as Thailand, India, Korea, and many more. The group lesson is one of the most popular program as both students and teachers can definitely have a lot of fun!Of course, you can take private lessons, too.



If you wanna study English with making full use of your time, you may go to language centres attached college/university, and learn english from Monday to Friday! Students are divided into a few groups according to their current English skills, and there are about 10 - 15 students in one class. Students can be from both Malaysia or foreign countries. You can take the course from for 1 month, or 1 semester. If you would like to study more than 3 months, the college/university can help you to obtain visa! You may also use dorms provided by college/universities as you accommodation.



If you have a dream to be a English teacher, it can also come tru in Malaysia! There are some language schools provide you a programs to be a certified TESOL, TOEIC, TOEFL, or Cambridge A-Level teacher!


Especially, TESOL is one of the best international certificates which is famous all over the world!


In Malaysia, you can get this cert at very low cost compared to getting in other countries!

My Campus Life

Interview Foreign Student!



Tomohiro Isozaki (23)


I am currently studying in British Council in Penang, Malaysia. In British Council, we can learn proper English and correct pronunciation from teachers who are all netive speakers of English. Classes are only 3 hours per lesson, and 3 times in a week, so this is really suitable for me who have some other things that I would like to try other than studying ENglish.


Though there are many Asians, I guess the number of Japanese living here is still not huge. Therefore, I need to speak ENglish everywhere I go, and I believe that it helps me a lot to improve my English at fast speed. In addition, I feel I have started getting more chances at everythings after I became to be able to communicate in ENglish.


My life in the dorm provided by school is also fun and comfortable.


Even though it was a big challenge for me to move here and study, I believe I made a right decision!



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