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Mom & Kids  



Let's grow your chind into a multilingual!


Study abroad program in Malaysia is always

(i) SAFE, (ii) COMFORTABLE, and (iii) FUN !!


Malaysia is one of the most suitable countries in the world for parents and kids to stay and study abroad at high standard. Nice weather, great environment to learn languages, friendly can get everything important for studying abroad program in this country!


While childeren go to school, parents can perfectly enjoy their holiday at low cost, too!


Learning a lot of language at the same time, and improving them at the short period of time are the right given to kids!

Why don't you join us and get this great opportunity?


Short-term Program 

Wanna Experience A Tip of Study Abroad Program?


Before you will move and start a real life of studying abroad, you can try how the actual life will be by joining this short-term program!

We will get your requests and a child's characteristics, and then carefully select the school which will be best for him/her.


You can also choose the place to stay from some choises such as condominium, resort hotel, home-stay and so on!


Both kids and parents will never get bored of the program with a lot of activities!

Model Schedule of a Day


8AM Pick-up by school bus


9AM - 10AM Outdoor activity


10AM - 10:30AM Snack time


11AM - 12NN Study Hour


12NN - 1PM Lunch


1PM - 2PM Activity


2:30PM Go back by school bus


●Area Available: Penang

●Age: 2 - 18 years old & his/her parents

●Participation Fee:RM5,000~/week

*Accommodation fee, school fee, transportation fee and those basic cost are inclusive in the fee mentioned above. Any fees for extra activity or leisure is exclusive. Flight ticket to Malaysia must be booked and arranged by participants.

Long Stay 

To Success on the International Stage...

Studying abroad and master more than 2 languages is one of the most important keys to be successful at international level.

In Malaysia, you can learn language, and also deepen understanding about various cultures.


To move and study abroad, you need to select the school which is suitable for you/your child, and obtain VISA for a log stay. Most of foreign students in Malaysia is studying in international school, but you can also go to local private school.


There are more than 70 international schools in Malaysia today, and we are sure that there is the one suitable for you to spend wonderful time with cheerful friends!


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