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Question No.2
What kind of enviroment are the most  foreigner staying?
Question No.1
Is there any season in Malaysia?



Yes, it is difficult to get real information or truth about Malaysia if you have never been there!


But no worries! We have summarized some of the common questions and answers below for you to get the clearer picture of Malaysia!



No, Malaysia is a country of perpetual summer, so there is no four seasons in Malaysia.

You can swim everyday, and all you need to wear is just t-shirts and short pants!


However, Malaysia does have seasons which are dry season and rainy season. Rainy season in Malaysia is usually from March to November, and heavily rains all of sudden about once in a day  during the season.On the other hand, dry season is the hottest season in Malaysia as it does not rain most of the time during dry season.



Most of foreigners in Malaysia stay in condominiums which are usually spacious enough.


Almost all condomiums has sufficient facilities such as gym, swimming pool, playground and others, so, you can enjoy your daily life like everlasting holiday!


Question No.3
It's said that living costs in Malaysia is 1/3 comparing from UK. Is it true?
Question No.4
How much are average the school fees to study in international school?



In fact, it all depends on how you would like to live your life in Malaysia.


Yes, it is true that the price of goods in Malaysia is 1/3 compared to the one in the UK, however, if you prefer to often dine in nice restaurant, or purchase branded stuffs, cost of living itself might not be as cheaper as you expect. Maybe it can be 2/3, but not really 1/3.


You can cut off a lot of cost if you take your meal at food stall everyday, and take bus to everywhere you go. 




To be honest, the fees to study in international school in Malaysia still depends on the level/quality of an international school.


For example, if a school spends a large amount of money to establish great/advanced facilities, and owns teachers which are netive speakers of English, the school fees you need to pay are more, and vice versa.


Most of school in Malaysia teaches British program though some schools teach American programs.

Question No.5
What are the average living cost for a mother and a child to study and stay in Malaysia?



Below are the basic monthly cost of living if a mother and a child stay & study abroad for more than 1 year.

*the cost can be more depending on where you stay/which school a child goes.


Accommodation Fee:RM2,500



International School Fee/pax:RM1,700

Food and Beverage Cost:RM2,000





Question No.6
What are the procedure to study in colleges or universities in Malaysia?



There is no entrance exam for colleges or universities in Malaysia, but you have to submit all the required documents (e.g.: Academic Transcript) instead. Of course, if you have any certificates regarding your English skills or education, the possibility of you can pass the documents screening for the admission.


Additionally, even if you are considered that you have not had enough English skills yet to start studying any college/unversity course, most of colleges/universities own language schools, and you can start from there!


Question No. 7
How is the politics and public safety in Malaysia?



If you feel Malaysia is not safe just because it is a developing country, that is totally wrong perception!


You can live totally safely and comfortably if only you keep reminding yourself to bbe careful! 'Do not leave your belongings behid', 'Avoid walking alone at night'...all you need to do to live safely is just common things.


Yes, you need to be careful, but you don't have to be overprotective!

Question No. 8
Can all Malaysian speak English?



Although the official language in Malaysia is Malay, most of Malaysians are able to speak English and a few more languages such as Chinese and Tamil.


English spoken by Malaysia is also called 'Manglish' (Malaysian English), and Malaysians tend to simplify sentences or mix other languages into their speaking English.


It does sound different from British or American English, however, you will have no problem to communicate with any English speakers in Manglish!


In fact, some foreign students prefer Manglish as they feel easier or more comfortable to communicate in Manglish compared to British/American English.


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